Tranquil Trading ERP

Everything you need to drive your business. Keep track of your sales, purchase, inventory and cash movement - all through your internet browser.

Anywhere Anytime Any device

Take critical decisions with real time data available at the need of your hour. Giving you more oppurtunities to decide

BI & Reports

Take critical decisions without delay by getting reports delivered to your inbox with our 24x7 centralized control system

Multi store management

Centralized purchase management allows you to manage suppliers from a single place and take advantages through economy of scale

Why does your business require Cloud Solution?

Bill customers without installing a point of sale software, release your working capital from frequent software updates, save time by avoiding data conflicts between server, track inventory faster from point of purchase to sale, have critical business reports delivered to you 24x7 with web based POS software.

Every person needs ways to run their business hassle free i.e. transaction should be maintained properly, get comparison of sales years, important alerts. Tranquil POS Software is designed to handle all needs of individual shops or retail chain in an accurate way as it is easily configurable according to the requirements of the customers as per their business type. In Tranquil POS Software, transactions & inventories can be easily maintained; it will show alerts for

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Centralized inventory management

When you can have the best inventory management software for your warehouses, retail stores and online channels all from a single platform, why go for multiple softwares? No matter when the sale happens, inventory across all your retail stores and online channels get updated instantly. Avoid stock-outs and over selling by using our accurate, cloud-based inventory management software platform.

Key Features

Tranquil software is the only Real Accounting & Inventory Software which gives you 100% control on your business.

Rate Management

Rate Master of Tranquil is very much advanced for the fulfillment of the customer's need. In this 9 Price Lists

Discount system

In Tranquil, Discount System is fully advanced. In this different types of discounts are available like- Percentage

Order Management

Tranquil software, Sales & Purchase Order management is very advance, there is facility of loading partial or full order.